CommunityPlus Memberships

About CommunityPlus Memberships

What you get

For the yearly membership of $99.00, you’ll receive:

  • A business card listing linking to your webpage,
  • All members banner ads are 50 % off. Great opportunity to advertise your business or website at a great savings!
  • Get our newsletter, It’s white in colour, a one-page short read.
  • 24 hr e-mail support to our customers and members.
  • Purchasing fixed banner & text link advertising on our sites will increase your brand’s visibility, helping your site’s ranking in the top search engines.

What are the benefits of a Membership?

With our membership, helps you with internet advertising & marketing campaign to fit any budget with efficiency. Working with will save you money also your time. We help businesses just like yours to increase sales, promote logo recognition and gain the competitive edge. With a large Advertising & Marketing firm – strategic approach is made easy for you.

Internet exposure is an essential element of a successful business in today’s market, customers need to know who you are, what you offer and how to contact you. Is there a better opportunity for your business exposure or promotion than on the Internet? Of course not!

People still read the newspaper, grab the phone book, listen to the radio and watch television. But the growth of Internet users cannot be ignored. Every successful business should have a web presence to maximize their exposure.

Today, 85% of all users use the top search engines to locate their desired information. All top search engines view each link from another site, which connects to your site, as a vote in it’s popularity, when ranking your website in search results. The more popular the sites which link to your website are, the more influential their vote counts towards your site as well. The top search engines now give this single factor top importance in determining a site’s rank in search results.

The Internet offers full colour, 24/7 availability, low costs, and millions of users.

What are your business needs? — contact us and tell us?