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Robbie Knievel Jump Headlines

Robbie Knievel Jump Headlines Inaugural 2005 Go Fast Ride the Divide Rally
Estes Park, CO June 6, 2005– The first-ever Go Fast! Ride the Divide Rally was a dare- devilish good time as Robbie Knievel, son of legendary stunt pioneer Evel Knievel, set a new jumping record as he entertained thousands jumping over a fleet of Go Fast cars and motorcycles. Filmed by A&E for Robbie’s reality show called “Kneivel’s Wild Ride,” Robbie’s confidence was so high after his first jump that he hit the ramp a second time—letting go of the handlebars as he flew close to 180 feet.

This was Robbie’s first time ever jumping in the high altitude of Estes Park, Colorado which in itself posed a potential danger as the 7500ft. altitude reduced the motorcycle’s power—increasing the risk of not reaching the landing ramp. The original jump on June 4th had to be rescheduled to June 5th due to rain, wind and other bad weather.

“As the premier sponsor we were thrilled to help bring Robbie Knievel, A&E and this spectacular event to Colorado,” said Heather Hill – VP Communications, Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. “The excitement surrounding the event underscores our mission to showcase extreme sports – and playing host to Robbie in our backyard was so incredible – we’re already talking about next year,” added Hill.

About Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co.
Denver-based Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. is the producer of Go Fast Energy Drink and Go Fast Sports Apparel. Go Fast is dedicated to encouraging sports enthusiasts by creating products that inspire them to stay active and Go Fast!

For more information on Robbie Knievel, visit www.knieveltour.com.

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